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|Shift while capturing
|Shift while capturing
Backflip- Shift and jump
roll- shift and e
=== Capture controls ===
=== Capture controls ===

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ROBLOX Odyssey is an adventure game made by a group named ROBLOX Odyssey. It is widely based on the Nintendo game Super Mario Odyssey. ROBL0X Odyssey was made on 9/28/2017.

Controls Edit

Action Input
Walk W, A, S, D
Jump Space
Crouch Shift
Long jump Walk, hold Shift, jump
Ground pound Shift in midair
Crouch WASD while crouching
Throw head E
Dive E after ground pound (before landing)
Ground pound jump Press Space at the impact of the ground pound
Spin Mash W, A, S, D
Spin throw Press E while spinning
Spin jump Jump while spinning
Uncapture Shift while capturing

Capture controls Edit

Pole Edit

Action Input
Flick W, A, S, D

Spark pylon Edit

Action Input
Move W, A, S, D
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